things I wasted my money on while trying to figure out my spirituality

things I wasted my money on while trying to figure out my spirituality

I recently realized that over the years I have wasted a damned lot of money in the name of spirituality.

I think when I was first starting out on my spiritual path, I had this idea that I could fake it till I made it – that is, if I bought the things that all the witches I followed on Instagram had, the rest would fall into place. Kind of like how I keep buying cute workout clothes in the hopes it will magically transform me into one of those hot yoga babes… whoops.

In a way, I don’t think that mindset was a total waste – I do think that having a little collection of spiritual items that make me happy has gone a long way towards helping me want to do the soul work needed to call myself “spiritual.” But the key word there is little – and my collection is pretty sizable.

I wondered how much money I could have saved over time if I had only bought the items that I really feel like I need – the ones that I use all the time and that bring me joy. I added up the totals of the things I never use or that didn’t serve me and it was kind of a doozy.

Keep in mind, these purchases were all made over the course of several years and mainly while I didn’t have to pay rent, but still – it kills me to think of how much money I sort of flushed down the drain because I wasn’t smart about my purchases.

Luckily, I made all the mistakes so you don’t need to! Don’t be like me – here are the 4 things I wish I hadn’t spent so much money on in the name of ~finding myself.~

things I wasted my money on while trying to figure out my spirituality

1. Tarot and oracle decks

Okay, this one pains me to admit because I really love my deck collection. Once the tarot bug bit me I went on a binge, needing every deck that “called out to me” (aka all the ones I thought looked pretty on the Internet.) While my decks are lovely and I adore using them, to be honest I can’t use any of them as much as they deserve because I just have too many.

I have a few favorites that I come back to time and time again and that’s really about it. I calculated the total amount of all the decks I’ve bought that I don’t use.

The Total: $333

(But if you want to read about some decks I love, I have a post about that here!)

2. Books

Another one that pains me to admit. I am a BOOK FIEND. I love books. I love the way they feel and the way they smell, and how you can read them in the bath with a glass of wine and not worry about dropping it in and killing it forever.

(I mean, okay, you actually do have to worry about that, but not the same way as with an e-reader.)

But one thing I’ve learned is that buying books does not automatically make you an expert in what they’re about – you have to actually read them, too, which takes time. That, and the fact that even if you DO read a book, that doesn’t mean the information will be valuable to you. Sometimes it’s a bunch of hooey.

Many of the books I originally bought no longer fit the spiritual path I decided to pursue, and some of them had a lot of cultural appropriation and misinformation (looking at you, Silver Ravenwolf) and so it was kind of a waste of money to get them in hard copy when a cheaper, digital version would have sufficed. Also, sometimes a Google search gives you all the information you actually want and you don’t need a book at all.

Total: $68

3. Journals

Okay, I’ve been guilty of buying too many journals for my entire life, but especially when it comes to journals for spiritual purposes. God forbid I write about my daily tarot draw in a mere notebook – it has to be a hardcover journal with gold-embossed pages and a ribbon bookmark!

And I need another one of those for my astrology notes! And another one for my regular notes! And one for my dream journal! And then a new one because really it was kind of intimidating to write in this really fancy one after all, but I’m just gonna keep it anyway because it looks pretty… See where I’m going with this?

There are really only two in particular that I bought and don’t use for anything, so I’m gonna say this was a total of $30. Which isn’t TOO bad, but like, come on. Get it together here.

things I wasted my money on while trying to figure out my spirituality

4. Crystals

Ah, crystals. I mean honestly who DOESN’T want to be surrounded by pretty crystals all the time? It seems like everyone and their mother has a crystal collection, and I decided I needed one, too.

Which is fine on the surface – I mean, crystals are really pretty, and they double as decor so it’s not a total waste. But I mean I went CRAZY. Getting tipsy on wine and ordering crystals on the Internet was my Friday night routine for a while (along with reading books in the bath, of course.)

But between drunkenly ordering a pound of rose quartz wholesale from Amazon (why????) and not researching sellers beforehand only to have my crystals arrive broken in the mail, some of my purchases were a little ill-advised.

Like with tarot decks, there are only a few crystals I use regularly and I would have been perfectly happy if that was the extent of my collection. All in all, I spent about $40 on crystals that I don’t even use, which again, isn’t too bad – but it all adds up, my friend.

All in all, I’ve spent more than $468 on things I don’t need. Yowza! I wish I could have that nonsense back to use for stuff I DO need (or at least stuff I think I need now and will come to regret later down the line. #Yolo. Kidding.)

What all this taught me: Don’t make impulse purchases. I mean it. If you’ve had more than a sip of wine, close the laptop. Amazon will still be there in the morning, I promise you.

Also, EBOOKS ARE YOUR FRIEND. Really think about what you need in hard copy and what you can live with just looking up on the Internet. I could easily have learned about herbs in my area if I really wanted with just a quick Google search; my books about herbs have never been used.

Finally, and most importantly, spirituality is free. While tarot cards look gorgeous on Instagram and giant crystal collections might have you drooling, at the end of the day those things aren’t going to fill you up inside.

Spirituality comes from connecting with yourself and opening your mind. It’s about learning new things, but also acting on what you’ve learned. Most of all, it’s about living consciously – something I’m seriously trying to incorporate into my budgeting strategies.

If you’re eyeing a fluorite wand or you really feel like you want a hard copy of a book you saw, go for it. But remember that you have to do the work, too. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cry into some (super cheap) ice cream.

Have you purchased anything you regret?

P.S. If you want some FREE ways to incorporate spirituality into your life, check out 8 Little Ways to Be More Spiritual!

22 thoughts on “things I wasted my money on while trying to figure out my spirituality

  1. Giiirl I'm exactlyyy the same way lol! I definitely have a shopping problem and "shiny object syndrome" where once I find out about something new, I just want it! I also bought a shit ton of books, but more on the witchy, scholarly side and they're pretty rich and dense and idk wtf I bought them cuz I haven't looked at them in a longtime haha. I'm more picky with tarot and oracle decks but I have one or two I don't use often. But this was such a refreshing read because it's true; buying spiritual stuff doesn't make you spiritual. Just cuz you have mala beads or draw mandalas or smudge or have a crystal collection doesn't mean it will magically unfold for you…you gotta show up for the work! Great post 🙂

    1. Thank you!! 😀 The struggle is SO real, and books are one thing I'll probably keep buying forever because more knowledge is always good, haha! I just have to make sure I read the ones I have first D:

  2. Oh for the love of all that is holy, I swear I could have written this. Lol. I don't even want to tell you the amount I have spent on e-courses that I never finished and decks that just sit there collecting dust…..

    I feel you on this, so hard.

    1. It's so tough!! I always get sucked in by e-courses because they make it sound like if I just open the e-mails every day, some magic will happen and I'll instantly improve whatever aspect of my life… But I have to remember that those take work, too!! (And I probably don't actually have time for as many as I sign up for D: )

  3. While I haven't spent all that much on my stuff, I've gone home from Psychic Fairs longing for things like bells, drums, massive crystals, Fairy wings…. Ugh. Your blog helped me feel better, Dana. I'm not really missing out on anything. The few things I have serve me well. Keep writing girl! I really it enjoyed it. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Fay! I'm happy it helped! ❤️ I've actually never been to a psychic fair, but I can already tell it would be soooo dangerous for my wallet (but still so fun!!)

  4. Re: books — you might try interlibrary loan at your public library–if they don't have the book you want there, they can get it from another library and lend it to you. Or you can always check out an e-book. I feel you on the deck lust…so hard to resist!

  5. I totally relate! Thanks for writing this. It’s easy to get caught up in desire but it’s so true, you really don’t need much and only about a quarter of the woo-woo stuff I impulse buy ends up being something I really truly use and connect with. Another way to look at it would be that you needed to make all the more erroneous purchases you did in order to discover what *wasn’t* your path, right? Thinking about it like that, it’s like you’re not even letting your WASTE go to waste! lol. At least I can tell myself that so I feel better 😉

    Thanks for the darling article!

    1. I like that way of looking at it, Kayleigh! And it means if I happen to buy a few MORE things to discover my path… well, that’s okay too, right? 😉

  6. Books? Pfft who buys them….. guilty. Crystals? No way! Oh pretty… ok maybe – Yes the Obsidian ball was a major purchase. Oracle cards… this is a new outing for me and I have one deck… though I do like the druid one on herbs and the one with…. Oh my latest purchase and it was a steal…. no I didn’t I paid for it. I found a beautiful little cauldron sitting in the corner of a second hand shop… I ‘felt’ it call to me before I saw it and just knew I had to have it… $12 Canadian! I saw someone on Pinterest try to sell one for $55! It came home with me, was duly cleansed and dedicated and then used at the last black moon… oh I love my little pot 🙂

  7. THIS. All of THIS. I was reading this article and laughing out loud because I see myself in so much of this! Great read. I especially resonated with the crystals. I am a crystal fiend.

    1. LOL, thank you Amy! I’m so glad you liked it! The struggle is so real, ESPECIALLY with crystals… it’s so easy to see one in a store and be like “well, it’s calling to me so I HAVE to buy it!” I hope you’re having a great day <3

  8. Crystals almost got me. I’m an impulsive shopper so it didn’t take much to think “Oh, I need Lapis Lazuli for this and Obsidian for that. And look at the pretty one.” Blah, blah, blah. I have 6 tarot decks and 1 oracle deck. I’m making a conscious effort to reign myself in because those decks really add up, especially some of the indie decks.

    1. Crystals get me EVERY TIME. I’ve gotten better at going for ones I know I’ll need a lot instead of ones I just want in the moment, but it’s hard when they’re all so pretty!!

  9. Hi !
    I was wondering why you were regretting the purchase of the book Solitary Witch ? I’ve to admit that this book is kinda calling me… but i want some true reviews before to buy it ! ;D
    I also would like to give you my advices to stop this kinda waste-purchase :
    When i’m wondering myself, my first question is “Do i REALLY wang this item ?” (Obviously, 90% of answers are YES), the next question will be “Why do i need this item ?” (If the answer is “when I will have it, I will start to do… – when you buy an expensive sport pants, trying to convince yourself that tomorrow you will go to gym for example… – it’s probably that you don’t really need it, but if the answer is “i need it because i’m already doing … (sport, peinture, witchcraft,…) and this purchase will make it easier” good point for the item !) And the last question will be “does it will be easy to move for my next removal / or easy to brung back in my country, as i’m always moving ? (If the question is No, i forget about the purchase). Finally if something doesn’t pass the test, but i’m still thinking about it 10 days after, i go back to purchase, if it still here, that’s means that it was waiting for me 😉

    1. Hi Pauline! Thank you so much for the advice – I definitely need to hold off on buying things right away to make sure I really want them, haha! As for Solitary Witch, I think in the end Silver Ravenwolf just isn’t my type of author, if that makes sense. For one, her books seem geared more towards teenagers than adults (which is fine for some people!) and for another, she spreads a lot of misinformation – a big one is that she says there’s no difference between Wicca and witchcraft, which is super incorrect! It’s just hard to trust her material because of stuff like that, although her books are easy to read and can be a good jumping-off point if you’re willing to take them with a grain of salt 🙂 Here are a few articles about what to watch out for in her books, if you’re interested: I hope these help! <3

  10. You have no idea how encouraging this was! I’m super new to witchcraft and am still trying to find my way. It’s super intimidating seeing online all the stuff people have and I have no money to spend. It was very comforting to hear that the dollars aren’t a priority. Also makes me realise how much of what I already have can be useful. Thanks heaps!

    1. Hi Fiona! I’m so happy to hear this was helpful for you! <3 Money should never be a barrier - nature and your own self are all you ever need! I wish you the best of luck 🙂

  11. But… but… but…. The Victorian Fairy Tarot is just so very pretty~~ X’D
    I know the impulse, I am trying to stop myself from going crazy with all the decks and crystals myself. So far, I don’t think I really have regret yet (I get my books on E-format, though yes, crystals and decks that I don’t use enough – and I am adding more… X’D)
    I am going rectify that by using them more starting tonight X’D

    1. LOL!! I knowwww, the struggle is real!! But the important thing is that you enjoy the things you have, so if you think you would use a deck/book/crystal/etc a ton, then go for it! <3

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